How did Scott Bendure become the world’s best Web Producer?
Lot’s of experience, but mostly using white hat SEO techniques.

My dream is to make my own video content for a living. Until my dream comes true, I will create videos as a hobby, and the rest of the time make websites for others, and use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to drive traffic to your website.

Internet Professional since 2000
I started working for Zoomedia as a webmaster back in 2000. That was back before the dot com bubble burst, they were desperate for people, all I had to do was create an HTML page. I learned a great deal, and was the first point of contact for maintenance clients that wanted to update their website. After the dot com crash I continued to work at Zoomedia for over three years and survived numerous rounds of layoffs, until it was my time to go. After leaving Zoomedia, I launched my freelance web design and web developer career in 2003, I am glad none of sites I designed back then are still around to embarrass me. I went on become a Web Producer, hand coding sites and marketing emails with HTML, then learning tableless CSS layout, and SEO to boost sites to the top search positions. The last 8 years I have worked mostly at advertising agencies do Project Manager work as a Web Producer. My clients find me wonderful to work with because of my well rounded knowledge; an artistic eye balanced with technical know how. I can explain anything about the internet, or quickly find a reasonable answer. While I can create entire websites myself, it is nice to bring in a designer, and back end Web Developer to make it look and work great.

The 80’s
Back in the 80’s, my Dad brought home an Apple IIe, it was great for games and word processing. It was not until the internet came along that I really got a passion for doing “computer work”. I made my first web page back in 1996, it was hosted on my “AOL homepage”. Since then the entire world has outgrown AOL, unless you are over 60 like my parents and other baby boomers who still use AOL as their only email address. At least they still use email, the kids today don’t even use email, I am ok with that, as long as those young whipper snappers stay off my lawn.

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